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Episode 493 – Oscar Noms Discussion

Welcome to our Oscar nominations reaction and fireside chit-chat.  There’s a lot to talk about, so please use the bookmarks to navigate the episode.

We give you our thoughts on the 2022 nominations and throw-in a few short-takes on movies not yet discussed in the Podcast including:

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00:03:30: Best Supporting (Female)
00:07:26: West Side Story
00:13:49: Best Supporting Actor (Male)
00:19:22: CODA
00:21:49: Best Male Actor
00:26:47: Tick Tick Boom
00:29:05: Best Female Actor
00:30:39: Spencer
00:35:43: Parallel Mothers
00:39:47: Best Director
00:45:22: Drive My Car
00:48:10: Best Picture
00:49:24: Passing
00:50:00: Worst Person In The World
00:54:18: Hand Of God
00:56:44: Rapid Fire Round-up 2021

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