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Los Angeles Film Festival Photoset

It’s been another superb Los Angeles Film Festival this year.  If you have been keeping up with the Podcast coverage, you will have some sense of the quality of the material showcased this year.  Here are few photos from the cast and crew Q and A’s.

Diary of a Teenage girl

Diary of a Teenage Girl

LAFF2015 - 4 (1)

Las Malas Lenguas (Sweet and Vicious)

LAFF2015 - 3 (1)

My Love, Don’t Cross That River

LAFF2015 - 2 (1)

What Lola Wants

LAFF2015 - 9 (1)

JJ Abrams with the cast and crew of Infinitely Polar Bear

LAFF2015 - 8 (1)

The Overnight

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