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Miles To Go|Review

There are plenty of movies out there about failed relationships and even more about men who well, refuse to grow up and take responsibility for their lives and actions.   However few penetrate deep enough below the surface to help us understand the nature of someone’s psyche and the fact that despite their best efforts, people are who they are; just hard wired to be and act in a certain way.  Miles To Go is not just a clever title about a man trying to find answers to this first world problem but a smart and intimate look at a man struggling with who he is as he constantly debates (mainly with himself) about what will make him happy.
Miles to go
Raw, authentic and extremely well acted, talented writer/director Quincy Rose also acts as the main protagonist Miles, a writer from Los Angeles with insomnia and writer’s block who we meet 5 months after a split with his on-again, off-again girlfriend Julia.  Struggling with chronic dissatisfaction in long-term relationships, Miles, is faced with his innermost paradoxical beliefs: that he deserves love and longs for love yet doesnt think that it can last for him.  Needless to say, Miles is a complicated yet oddly likable neurotic man-child who spends most of his time with an inner circle of confidantes: Sydney, his foul-mouthed, chauvinistic, free-spirited best friend; Regan, his neurotically insecure platonic girlfriend; Alexandra, his depression-riddled sister still grieving her divorce and the loss of their mother; Lucy, his safe and consistently sound therapist; and of course, Julia the Maybe” one.
The movie unfolds leisurly and is not plot heavy yet the fact that Rose has included much of his own life experiences in front of the camera makes this dramedy an authentic and unique window into indecisiveness, recovery and intimate relationships; those with our siblings, friends and of course lovers.  Often the voice of reason and even stability to others, Miles is unable to take his own advice, committing more easily to inking his body vs. committing his heart and mind to love and the joys it may bring him if he lets it.
Natural and effective dialogue along with a series of clever and judiciously used jump-shots help us understand what it must be like to be Miles.  It is easy to forget that this is Quincy Rose’s directorial debut.  Miles To Go is an admirable entry into the genre and evidence that Rose’s voice is one worth listening to and certainly enjoyable to watch.  I await your next movie with excitement Mr. Rose
Miles To Go also stars Jen McPherson, Zachary Tiegen, Kim Argetsinger and Maggie Rowe
Miles To Go is available on VOD beginning April 28th

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