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Episode 438 – Joker

We all had rather a lot to say about Todd Phillips new movie.  Listen in to an extended discussion of:

  • Joker

WARNING – Although we kept the discussion spoiler free, this episode contains major spoilers at the very end of the Podcast.

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One Response to “Episode 438 – Joker”

  • Hector:

    Hi, really enjoy the show, but I was surprised by Yazdi’s continued insistence that Joker has no commentary to offer. IMO the movie is fairly explicit in its message, which is that if we, as people, do not do more to help the mentally ill, very bad things could result. This is illustrated by the fact that Arthur’s social worker is not very good (he points out to her that she asks him the same things all the time and doesn’t really listen to what he is saying) and later funding it cut and he has no one to talk to at all. Later, he very explicitly condemns Deniro’s talk show host and the viewers for only wanting to bring him on to laugh AT him and rightly points out that if he were lying in the street, people would walk over him.

    So I think the film indisputably has a message about society and mental illness. I am guessing that the reason that some people have a problem with this message is that they know there isn’t much they themselves they can do about the mental illness problem, and so you have a film highlighting a problem that isn’t likely to change very much while simultaneously being something that a mentally ill person may grab onto and think “I should do the same thing!”

    And when Yazdi says “But how am I supposed to feel about him?” I think you are meant to feel two ways about him. Sympathetic at first and then horrified later. He’s an interesting character precisely because we feel two very different ways about him.

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