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Episode 187 – Star Trek Into Darkness / The Great Gatsby / Iron Man 3

Moviewallas Podcast Episode 187 bring reviews of:

star_trek_into_darkness_new_poster great-gatsby-poster-leonardo-dicaprio Iron_Man_3_theatrical_poster


– Star Trek Into Darkness

– The Great Gatsby

– Iron Man 3

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One Response to “Episode 187 – Star Trek Into Darkness / The Great Gatsby / Iron Man 3”

  • Josh:

    Very cool episode guys. I think the Star Trek and Great Gatsby actually have something in common at their core – post-modernism. I think that they both were made as sort of a post-modern attempt to see a classic through a modern lense, and to “make them more accessible to modern audiences.” But I feel like when you do that, you’re getting away from what made the story or (“universe” in Star Trek’s case) great in the first place. In fairness, if you stay 100% true to the original, it can be as distracting as if you modernize it (i.e. if in Gatsby they paid more attention to the accents and stylistic elements than the plot and acting.) So anyway, I always thought Star Trek was about philosophy, and politics and morality.. basically appealing to both pathos and ethos, and in these new ones they’ll occasionally appeal to ethos only at best.

    I liked Yazdhi’s point on it being a little cliche that Mandarin was a terrorist/etc. I think it was sort of a cop-out attempt to make the conflict feel more “global”.. sort of a more over-the-top version of the “modern Russia” caricature Whiplash/Crimson Dynamo in Iron Man 2. But really the biggest problem I had was with the Mandarin being a red herring. Iron Man’s arch-nemesis.. and they make him a red herring? Ugh. Anyway, good show guys.

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