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How Good is Moviewallas’ Crystal Ball?

The Oscars have finally arrived and we have cogitated and postulated and shared our opinions about our favorite and not so favorite films in 2010 (and beyond it seems).  Here now see a list of our predictions along with who we would award the golden statue to if it were up to us…who knows, one day it may be 😉

Follow along tomorrow as we chat live on our Facebook Discussion page and join us with your opinions.  Happy Watching Movie fans

Category Joe’s Prediction Yazdi’s Prediction Rashmi’s Prediction Joe’s
Wish List
Wish List
Wish List
Film The King’s Speech The King’s Speech The Social Network The Social Network:

Even though Inception is a personal favorite, The Social Network is simply a better movie than King’s Speech and Inception (gasp!)

127 Hours The Social Network:

How can a film about geeky nerdy guys pleasuring themselves with their computer be SO good?

Director Tom Hooper:
The King’s Speech
David Fincher:
The Social Network
David Fincher:
The Social Network
Christopher Nolan:

What do you mean, he’s not on the list?  Damn you Academy snobs…

Tom Hooper:

The King’s Speech

David Fincher:

The Social Network

Actor Colin Firth Colin Firth Colin Firth Colin Firth:

By a nose ahead of Franco

Colin Firth:

With a shout out to James Franco. Of course if it were up to me, Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Gosling would be taking home the prize, but don’t get me started

Jesse Eisenberg :

I am a firm believer that “Social Network” would not have been as good without Jesse in the lead but I loved Colin Firth and James Franco – this is the hardest category by far

Actress Natalie Portman Natalie Portman Natalie Portman Michelle Williams:

It still upsets me that she had to go through this heartache.  Oh, that was acting?? Wow!,  Bening could win, but may have peaked too early.

Annette Bening (with a shout out to Michelle Williams) Michelle Williams:

Totally deserving but as long as Nicole Kidman doesn’t get it, I’ll be happy!

Supporting actor Christian Bale Geoffrey Rush Christian Bale Jeremy Renner Mark Ruffalo Geoffrey Rush
Supporting actress Melissa Leo Haillee Steinfeld Melissa Leo Melissa Leo I don’t particularly have a dog in this race (from those nominated), but if I was forced to choose, I would go with Melissa Leo Haillee Steinfeld
Screenplay (Adapted) The Social Network The Social Network The Social Network The Social Network:

Come on, is anything even close?

The Social Network:

Aaron Sorkin for his fast, smart and incisive script for The Social Network. This prize is Sorkin’s to lose.

Social Network
Screenplay (Original) King’s Speech Inception The Kid’s are All Right Inception:

It won’t win.  Remember this category is original.  Conceptually and structurally intelligent writing.  Unlike anything that has come before it.

The Kids Are All Right:

with a pat on the back to Another Year.

The Fighter
Animation Toy Story 3 Toy Story 3 Toy Story 3 Toy Story 3:

Aargh!  HTTYD comes so close, SO close, but TS3 is the better picture

How To Train Your Dragon:

(unless the Illusionist wows me even more)

Toy Story 3:

This film is perfection for me

Documentary Gasland Inside Job Restrepo Exit Through the Gift Shop:

Assertions of mockumentary will keep this from the top spot.  I did think that this was brilliant stuff, however

NA Waiting for Superman:

I am still LIVID this isn’t on the list but in the absence of that the “Exit Through the Gift Shop” as I would love Banksy to accept in person or at least pull a stunt

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